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Good Trader, Bad Trader
The List

Welcome to The Good Trader, Bad Trader List. This list is here to prevent people from getting burned (which means a trade where the other person doesn't uphold their end of the deal such as not sending something back).



If you feel someone is a good trader (ie they send the cards and they're in good condition, etc) then submit their name to the list. When a person is submitted by one person as a good trader, they go on GOOD TRADER list #2. Once a person's name is submitted by 2 different people who have traded with that person, they go on GOOD TRADER LIST #1 and are known from then on as a GOOD TRADER. If you see a person on GOOD TRADER LIST #2 who you've traded with and it has worked out, please submit them so they can get on the GOOD TRADER LIST #1. A person does not have to give a great deal to be on the good trader list.

NOTE: You can submit yourself to go on the list #2, but there will still need to be 2 people to submit you to get on list #1.


If you feel a person is a bad trader (ie you've sent them cards/money and they haven't sent you anything back, possibly you email them and they do not write back, or cards they send are in bad condition, or the wrong cards, or fakes when real cards were promised or you are not happy with the trade/sale in anyway), submit their name to the list. (Please include a short summary of what happened). They will be put on the BAD TRADER list. If different people submit the bad trader's name as a GOOD TRADER, they will require 4 different people submitting them as good to go on the GOOD TRADER list.

How to submit:

1. Address an email to Setsuna.
2. If you are submitting to the GOOD TRADER list, type GOOD TRADER as the subject. If you are submitting to the BAD TRADER list, type BAD TRADER as the subject.
3. Write the message as the following:

I want to submit (Person's name/email name) at (person's email address) to the (GOOD or BAD) TRADER LIST.

4. If it is a bad trader, include a short summary of what happened (what cards were agreed on, what happened to the trade). Part of this may go on the list.
5. If the person has a webpage about cards and you know the URL, please add it. 6. Add any comments you may have.

The person will then be added to the appropriate list if everything checks out.

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