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The Hunt: Card Hunting Stories

Here are some ironic, funny, and oh-so-true stories of the desperate hunt to GET ALL THE CARDS! Got a hunting tale to submit? Send it to Setsuna.

I was ecstatic because I had just bought 2 Part 10 prism cards. I already had 2, so I was sure I'd soon have all 6 of the set.
I'm in the mall, walking down store to store, on the usual rounds. Suddenly I stop -- there are the 2 prisms I need from Part 10! They're inside a store which has a post it note attached to the door... "Back in 10 minutes". It was worth the wait for me... 15 minutes, 20, almost half an hour passes by. I've walked to a store across the hall, my eyes still pinned to the door of the store with the prisms. I see a guy walk up and unlock the door. I bolted into the store and headed straight for the counter where the prisms seemed to be leaning. I immediately asked how much they were, and he walks over to them, and - some bozo has peeled them off and stuck them to the wall! I was so mad! (There were about 3 copies of each prism, too.) I managed to walk out with 4 regular cards I needed, but I was still annoyed...

~ Setsuna

I was pumping quarters into a Dragon Ball Z card machine, about $10+. Some kid rudly walks in front of me, up to the machine, and puts in 2 quarters and gets the prism I was hoping to get. I said to myself !@#$%^* b@s!##$

The moral of the story, never let someone cut in front of you.

~ Gokou3

I was in a store looking at a DBZ prism that I knew was super rare. I ask the guy how much it was, he said "$25, is it part of a set?". I said "yeah" And he immediatly pulled it out of the display case and put it in his walet for his personal collection.

Moral of the story, play stupid when buying cards. Pretend you don't know nothing about cards when buying them from people. 9 out of 10 times the person selling the cards doesn't know anything about it.

~ Gokou3

I went into a little store called "fun for under 5 bucks" To my utter amazement, they had a pull pack of Part 15 cards and they had a prism on the front of it that I didn't have yet. I asked to sales clerk if I could buy the one on the top. She said, "You. Can't. Have. It." I asked her why and she said that it was so that other people would know what was inside the pack. I told her I had a trader she could stick on the outside so people would know but she told me they didn't do trades. The only way I could get it was if I bought the rest of the pull pack. If there were only a few cards in it I would have just got them but the thing was pretty much new and I didn't feel like forking out 30 bucks to get a ton of regulars I already had. That plus I had to pay for the indivedual prism itself. She was going to graciously charge me $3 for the thing claiming I couldn't get a better deal anywhere else. I left and did the mall thing and came back in 30 minutes hoping that by some miracle there would only be a few cards left. Still one whole pack but, there was a new sales clerk on duty. I asked her if I could get it and she said yes and sold it to me for 75 cents. That's as bad as the people who sold me some Part 2's a 75 cents each! I really hope when the old foggie came back, she saw it and got mad and knew I was the one who'd taken it. ^_^

~ Melissa Einhorn